Frequently Asked Questions

What is Modern Design?

Modern Design is a showroom where you will find everything you need to remodel your bathroom, from the accessories to the bathroom cabinet.

How does the service work in your showroom?

We are happy that you are interested in our products. We have several Bathroom Stylist Specialist, who are available to help you during the entire process. You can visit us by appointment, although an appointment is not required. Due to the Covid situation, please remember to use your facemask and maintain physical distance.

Will I be able to pick up my purchase the same day?

Fortunately, we have a large inventory that allows us to provide you with the products the same day of your purchase.

I still don't know what I want to buy, do you have people who can help me make my selection?

Yes, we have a great team of Bathroom Stylist specialists with vast experience in the market who are available to help you in the design and selection process at no extra cost.

How high should you leave to install the floating vanity?

Normally it is from 16″ to 24″, this depends on the model of the vanity or the customer’s preference.

Which products can I use to clean the Black mixers?

You can clean with any detergent as long as it is not an abrasive one like Clorox.

How to remove the doors or drawers for installation of vanity?

It is not necessary to remove the cabinets for installation, but if you need to remove them at the beginning of each rail, you have a screw, remove it and the drawers comes out, the rail stays with the vanity.

What is our cabinet and basins material?

Vanity: Our vanity is in painted PVC.  The tops are in white ceramic, glass or marble, depending on the model of the vanity.

Kitchen: The kitchens are in laminated PVC. Counter top are in PVC ¾” laminated with Formica.

How do I install a one piece toilet?

The toilets are easy to install, they have a screw hole to install. We recommend using WECO glue that resists up to 5,000 pounds and dries in few seconds.

How do LED mirrors work?

LED mirrors have a PVC base that can be removed. They have over a thousand hours of use. The strips are replaceable, you can get them in any store. They are electric and you will need a wall outlet to do the connection.

How do I know which size to use?

It all depends on the width of your bathroom and the shower system you install. The size of the shower inlet is a customer’s decision.

Which is the Pfister and Delta mixers warranty?

Lifetime warranty with the manufacturer, once you buy it you must enter on their website and register it.

What about the depth of the vanities?

Vanity depth will be change depending on the model of the vanity, but the standard measure is from 18”-21”. If the customer has an entrance door next to the cabinet, should check where the door opens. This will determine if opening it affects the depth of the cabinet.